James Suckling Wine Tasting

Great Wines of the World Seoul 2023, Seoul’s largest premium global wine showcase event, presented by international wine critic James Suckling was held at The Hotel Shilla in October, followed by Great Wines Italy in November.
The event was featuring over 200 wines of some of the best producers from the top wine regions in the world, gathered by over 1000 wine lovers, who enjoyed great wines of the world and meeting James and world-famous producers in person.

TAB (also known as The Palm) was assisting with the whole setup incl. booths, backdrops, banners, and AV, sound, light etc.

The 6th WeGO General Assembly

“Smart City, Smart Citizen”
September 25-27, 2023 Seoul

WeGO (World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization) was hosting its 6th General Assembly in Seoul, chaired by Moyor Oh Se-hoon and more than 200 participants representing 58 local governments from more than 30 countries, including 24 mayoral-level representatives and 45 WeGO local government members joined the meeting in person. Participants visited the Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall and Magok LG Science Park during their visit and experienced the city’s high-tech smart city technologies.
TAB was coordinating with the whole event-related elements including flight arrangements, airport meet and greet services, transportation, tours, venue & restaurant sourcing, communication with hotels, onsite meeting operations (AV, sound, light, interpretation), designs & brandings, fabrications, program book etc.

HDFC Bank’s MDRT Training Program

HDFC Bank from Mumbai, India was organizing a training program for 1600pax in KINTEX, Seoul in October 2023, TAB was appointed as a local event partner of this event’s primary Indian agency from Mumbai.
Despite of an intensive time for preparation and high-season challenging conditions, TAB and Big Small Experience team were able to make the two-time events smooth-run with smiles and hugs in the end.
TAB was executing events with BSE’s consultancy and directing from fabrication, brandings, sound and light, LED wall, performances etc while adding its local knowledges and practices.

Kyunghyang Forum 2023

Beyond Growth – New Paradigms for Common Prosperity

TAB has coordinating overseas & local speakers for Kyunghyang Forum 2023 with enthusiasm marking 5th year and this year we have brought together global luminaries such as New York University Professor Emeritus Nouriel ROUBINI, popularly known as “Dr. Doom”; world-renowned environmental thinker Dr. Vandana SHIVA; and rising young scholar Professor SAITO Kohei of the University of Tokyo to find a seek the path towards prosperity for all.

The Forum was held on June 28, 2023 at Lotte Hotel central Seoul and we appreciated our normal life is back and we were able to meet speakers in person.
Forum speakers were as below:
– Nouriel Roubini (누리엘 루비니) – Professor Emeritus, Stern School of Business, New York University; author of Megathreats
– Vandana Shiva (반다나 시바) – Environmental & social activist; author of Ecofeminism, Oneness vs the 1%
– SAITO Kohei (사이토 코헤이) – Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo; author of Capital in the Anthropocene
– Raj Patel (라즈 파텔) – Research Professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs of the University of Texas at Austin; author of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things
– Lee Woo-jin (이우진) – Professor of Economics, Korea University
– Song Gil-Young (송길영) – Senior Executive Vice President, VAIV Company, author of Don’t just Do it, Don’t imagine
– Lee Yu-jin (이유진) – Deputy Director & Board Member, Institute for Green Transformation of Harvesting the Sun and Wind
– Yoo Jung-gil (유정길) – Director, Green Buddhism Institute

Kyunghyang Forum 2021 (June 23) 해외연사

TAB got tasked to coordinate overseas speakers for the upcoming The Kyunghyang Forum 2021 and here are our confirmed speakers:
Despite of COVID-19 challenges, the half of them are willing to come to Korea to attend the forum and we are so thrilled to greet them soon.

This year’s theme is Living with the Climate Crisis: Paths to Survival.

Al Gore (알고어), Former Vice President of the United States of America; environmental activist
Jeremy Rifkin (제레미 리프킨), Economic and social theorist; author of The Era of Work (1995) & The Green New Deal (2019)
David Wallace-Wells (데이빗 월러스 웰즈), National Fellow of New America; author of The Uninhabitable Earth (2019)
Hope Jahren (호프 자렌), Professor of Geobiology at the University of Oslo; author of The Story of More (2020)
Michael E. Mann (마이클 만), Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Pennsylvania State University; author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars (2013)
Angel Hse (에인젤 휴), Assistant Professor of Public Policy and the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

스피커스 뷰로 T.A.B. (The Advantage Bureau) 는 경향포럼 해외연사 섭외, 해외커뮤니케이션을 해오고 있으며, 2021년 경향포럼 해외연사는 아래와 같다.

Kyunghyang Forum 2022 해외연사

The Age of Great Transformation: Roads to a sustainable future

This year’s Kyunghyang Forum was highlighted by the Right Honorable Tony Blair (토니블레어), former Minister of the UK, he was joined by Song Min-soon, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea after his opening address.

Then the forum featured three keynote addresses:
Jason Schenker (제이슨 생커), Chairman of The Future Institute
Jared DIamond (제러드 다이아몬드), Professor of UCLA, Author of bestselling books, Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997) as well as Collapse (2005)
Fareed Zakaria (파리드 자카리아), world-renown political commentator and host of Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN Worldwide

The afternoon session featured:
Daniel Susskind (데이비드 서스킨드), a Fellow in Economics and Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford University, author of A World Without Work
Nick Srnicek (닉 서르닉), a lecturer in Digital Economy at King’s College London, author of Platform Capitalism
Daniel Waldenström (닉 발덴스트롬), Professor at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Guy Standing (가이 스탠딩), Professorial Research Associate at SOAS University of London, founder member and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network

The forum was a place to share thoughts and insights on how to deal with scars left behind the pandemic amidst such great changes taking place and seek to find the best way forward by viewing these changes from a multitude of angles.

More details of the forum can be found at Kyunghyang Forum

Virtual Medical Meeting – 4th Annual AMN SUMMIT 2020

The 4th Annual AMN (Asian Myeloma Network) Summit 2020 was held virtually at various studios and venues in Korea, China, Singapore, USA, Japan and Thailand on October 17-18, 2020.

TAB International was coordinating with global event company based in Thailand to run this online medical meeting from venue management, camera, AV, sound, Zoom operations and onsite management.

All online and onsite participants were enthusiastic in sharing latest studies and developments by interactively discussing in their society of Asian Myeloma Network via Zoom.

경향포럼 2020 (Kyunghyang Forum 2020) Aug 25, 2020 해외연사

New normal way of meeting in this challenging time with COVID-19 – during
Panel Discussion session of Kyunghyang Forum
Real group photo with limited VIPs, speakers and guests right after opening session

It is a start of “New normal” in events, TAB International team had been involved for this Forum’s preparation from March 2020 for nearly 5 months with new worries and guesses of the future right after COVID-19’s outbreak in global scale.

In the end, two speakers flew in Seoul, one from US, the other from Denmark, with special huge effort of many parties involved. Some speakers attempted to come to join onsite, but it did not happen due to many safety-related issues.

Nevertheless the Forum went smoothly with all enthusiastic speakers and limited onsite audiences and over hundred of virtual participants. We will see how this Forum will go next year.

The event was hosted by Kyunghyang Newspaper and TAB Speakers Bureau coordinated speakers who were:

– Paul Krugman (폴 크루그만), Distinguished Professor of Economics at the City University of New York
– Ha-Joon Chang (장하준), Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge
– Thomas Frey (토마스 프레이), Founder & Executive Director of The DaVinci Institute
– Nathan Wolfe (네이슨 울프), Founder and Chairman of Metabiota
– Britt Wray (브릿 레이), Author of Rise of the Necrofauna
– Robert Koopman (로버트 쿱먼), Chief Economist of World Trade Organization
– Gang Fan (판강), Director of National Economics Research Institute of China
– Motoshige Itoh (이토 모토시게), Professor of International Social Sciences at Gakushuin University

ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit (Nov 25, 2019 l Busan) 해외연사 및 국내연사

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-ROK (Republic of Korea) Culture Innovation Summit was held in Busan on Nov. 25 as part of the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit.
The forum was devoted to discussing the importance of cultural content in this era, and it will be a platform of cultural exchange that contributes to mutual understanding and friendship of the future generation” between South Korea and ASEAN countries.

The event was hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and TAB Speakers Bureau coordinated speakers who were:

– CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, BTS (K-pop) producer Bang Si-hyuk (빅히트 대표 방시혁)
– Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix (넷플릭스 CEO 리드 헤이스팅스)
– SK Telecom CEO Park Jung-ho (SK 텔레콤 CEO 박정호)
– Animator and Film Director Pierre Coffin – best known for all four films in the
“Despicable Me” franchise and “Minions” (미니언즈, 수퍼배드 감독 피에르 코팽)
– Brian Chow, founder and CEO of IME Group (IME 그룹 CEO 브라이언 초우)

James Suckling Wine Tasting event

James Suckling’s Great Wines of the World (GWW) tour was held in Seoul for the first time at Four Seasons Hotel on Oct 29, 2019.
James Suckling is known the best wine critic of the world after Robert Parker was retired. Great Wines of the World (GWW) is touring all over the world, all tickets for this event were sold out in Korea. The event is hosted by JamesSuckling.com and TAB is their local event partner.
Please refer to https://www.jamessuckling.com/events/ for more on James Suckling’s upcoming events.

Join Twitter’s Tweetups around the world Powered by @SharedStudios July 25 – Aug 4

About #Tweetups

Twitter serves the public conversation, connecting people all around the world about topics that matter to them. This summer, Twitter is embarking on a global #Tweetup to bring these conversations to life in locations all around the world.

From July 25 through August 4, 40 fully immersive #Tweetup spaces, powered by Shared_Studios, will demonstrate the power of conversation through live, experiential video interactions. From Berlin to Brooklyn, Doha to Detroit, Lagos to London, these #Tweetups illustrate the power of global conversation to connect humanity.

It takes place in Seoul at Cheonggye Square from July 25 – July 30, then at Coex from July 31 – August 4. More detailed program can be found at https://tweetups.webflow.io
The Palm is Shared_Studios’s local event planning and execution partner.

제8회 유권자의 날 기념식 (The 8th Voters day celebration)

The 8th Voters day celebration was held on May 10, 2019 in the theater of Gwacheon Citizen Hall hosted by National Election Management Commission. This is an annual event and it was our 2nd time executing the event. The event consists of award ceremony and celebrating performances such as Hologram dancing performance and Multi-national children choir. There were about 370 guests participated in this event.

블루포인트 데모데이 2018 (Bluepoint Demoday 2018)

기술 창업 전문 액셀러레이터 블루포인트파트너스가 5일 서울 블루스퀘어 아이마켓홀에서 ‘제3회 블루포인트 데모데이(Bluepoint Demo Day 2018)’를 개최하고 투자 기업 12개를 소개하는 자리를 가졌다. 이날 발표한 12개 기업은 ▲스마트농업 ▲산업용머신테크▲AR 및 인공지능 ▲바이오메디컬 기술 등 4가지 분야별로 소개됐다.

TAB International executed the 2-day event (Bluepoint Demo day on Sep. 5 & Investor day on Sep. 6) in cooperation with the event host ‘Bluepoint Partners’. Bluepoint Partners is a partnership-driven startup accelerator and early stage VC fund that concentrates on bridging talented high tech entrepreneurs to launching progressive startups with real global solutions.A97P7862 A97P8053 A97P8122 A97P8223 A97P8438

ON - invester day investor day

NCC 2017 (Next Content Conference) glimpse

The NCC 2017 was successfully held on Oct 23-24, 2017 at COEX (room #401, #403) Seoul Korea. It is always crucial to have great content and speakers who deliver it with passion.

T.A.B. (The Advantage Bureau) International Inc. speaker bureau team, with consultancy support from KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), searched & procured the best-fit global speakers as well as impressive local figures. Great team-work led to this event’s resounding success.

T.A.B. thanks all the speakers for their wonderful contribution to the conference.
– Pierre Coffin (Minions Director)
– Mikio Matsui (CMO/CIO of Itoya Japan)
– Ron Nagi (Adobe)
– Oscar Sharp (Film Director)
– Ross Goodwin (Artist, Computer Scientist)
– Christina Heller (CEO or VR House)
– Khayyam Wakil (CSO of Live Planet)
– Adrian Sexton (CEO of Titan Platform US)

NCC 2017 website: http://nextcon.kr/

minions director Pyre Coffin

conference Q&A talk showaudience outside of room #401 audience in the room #401
interview tbs and coffin
moderating speakers

dinner with speakers and organizers

Microsoft Tech Summit 2017

The Palm: DMC Korea arranged bilingual temp staff and registration & meeting room equipments for Microsoft Tech Summit 2017 Seoul in cooperation with BES team. This 2-day event went smoothly in Seoul (April 27~28, 2017 at Lotte World Hotel in Jamsil) while ending up Microsoft’s worldwide city-tour in 2017.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Northern Trust Korea brand office opening reception event

p5 p6 p4 p3 p2 p1

Northern Trust Korea brand office opening reception was held on Feb. 28, 2017 at Banker’s Club in Myeongdong. Over 200 guests were attended and celebrated Northern Trust’s significant night of milestone in Korea.

The Palm: DMC Korea, event consultation & management company arranged with its partners in Singapre and Seoul office; venue services, branding services (incl. backdrop), AV, light, registration, floral decoration, hostess, piano trio musician team, professional bilingual emcee etc.

Ontario Business Mission to Korea

Kathleen Wynne, the premier of Ontario, came to Seoul with a delegation of 48 business and academic leaders, eager to shore up ties with Asia’s fourth-largest economy. Her mission is expected to generate over $120 million in new partnerships. She signed 13 new agreements in health sciences and education that would add 256 new jobs in Ontario, according to the premier’s office.

signing ceremony and lunch speech“Ontario is open for business and partnerships,” the first female premier of Ontario stressed. She pointed to common strengths she sees as binding Ontario and Korea together: the ability to innovate, highly educated workforces and world-leading exporting prowess.atmosphere

The premier and official delegation also visited Seoul History Museum to celebrate opening ceremony of the Dr. Schofiled Exhibition.merge2

IRS arranged industrial visits for the business delegation on Dec. 2 to ASTA, Korea Bio Association, Cha Bio, Samsung Innovation Museum, and LG R&D Campus.

The Palm: event partner in Korea, part of GCP International, executed all events’ management smoothly and professionaly with its Canada partner, National Public Relations Canada (event venues: Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul Museum of History, various site visits). reception-staff

Bluepoint Partners Demo Day Conference 2016

b76t1484Bluepoint Partners Demo Day event was successfully held on Nov 2, 2016 at the Grand Ballroom of Imperial Palace Hotel.

블루포인트파트너스는 바이오 및 메디컬, 센서, 가상현실 및 증강현실, 인공지능, 로봇과 드론, 첨단소재 등 다양한 영역을 망라하는 30여 개의 딥 테크 스타트업으로 이루어진 포트폴리오를 보육하고 있는 밀착형 엑셀러레이터 입니다.

블루포인트 데모데이는 2016년 11월 2일 임페리얼 팔레스 호텔 그랜드 볼룸에서 ‘Starting Point’를 주제로 문규학 소프트뱅크벤처스코리아 대표의 창업에서 중요한 기업가 정신과 기업철학에 대해 ‘당신은 기업가인가’라는 주제로 키노트스피치를 시작으로 블루포인트파트너스가 작년 2015년에 투자해 엑셀러레이팅 과정을 거치고 성장한 딥 테크 기업 발표와 국내 창업 업계에서 활발하게 활동 중인 스타트업 대표들을 초청해 창업 생태계의 동향과 기술 융합을 주제로 토론하는 시간이 마련되었습니다.


LOT Polish Airlines 1st flight to Warsaw & Launching Gala Dinner

LOT Polish Airlines 1st flight to Warsaw ceremony at Incheon Airport & Launching Gala


LOT Polish Airlines celebrated the opening of its new Warsaw-Seoul route with a fitting cultural collaboration at Lotte Hotel in central Seoul on Tuesday October 18, 2016.


LOT’s official event partner The Palm: DMC Korea arranged an exquisite Chopin performance featuring the award-winning pianist Yesol Lee. Then Jihyun Kang serenaded guests with her skills on the gayageum, a delicate Korean string instrument. After attendees enjoyed some Polish and Korean cuisine, our MCs from Seoul’s tbs eFM — Alex Jensen and Punita Bajaj — ensured a fun-filled finish by leading some games on stage. It was certainly an auspicious occasion for an airline that promises to boost an already strong connection between Poland and South Korea.


EU Climate Change Outreach Project (Sep~Oct 2016 Seoul l Busan)

The EU Delegation to Korea organized a bike ride event, EU photo exhibition and the Roundtable discussion on sustainable mobility: Reducing Emissions from transport in EU and Korea. The events are part of the EU’s global initiative – ‘EU Climate Diplomacy Week’ aiming to raise public awareness on climate issues.

Seoul Car Free is celebrated worldwide – World Car Free day of 22 September – and the Seoul City is proud being part of it jointly with the European Union. Mayor Park together with EU Ambassadors representing 17 countries rode Seoul City bikes with the EU’s chosen slogan of ‘Burn Calories: Not Petrol’.

The EU photo exhibition on green architecture ‘Sustainable Living Space in the EU’ was held in Seoul from 25~29 September and is to be continued in Busan from 7~12 October. The exhibition consists of 29 photos of ‘green’ buildings provided by 17 EU Member States. (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slobakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom).

If there’re any comments on EU Climate Change photo exhibition, please reach us at euccop@gcpiasia.com.

(September 25 – Seoul City Hall, Sejong Center)web_eu-photo-exhibit_seoul

The half-day roundtable invited renowned academics, business, government officials as well as EU officials for discussion. Notably, Dr Joëlle Hivonnet, Political Head of the EU Delegation presented the European Strategy for low-emission mobility, while Dr Young-Tae Kim, Deputy Director-General at Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport outlined Korea’s transportation policy for green-house gas emission (GHG) reduction. In addition, the European and Korean experts presented specific cases and technological aspects of low-carbon mobility.

(September 28 – JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square)eu-gcpi2

(October 7 – Busan Station Plaza)web_eu-photo-exhibit


Tomorrow’s India Global Summit 한-인도 글로벌 서밋 비지니스 컨퍼런스

Tomorrow’s India’s Global Summit was held in Korea (Incheon Songdo, Seoul, Gyeonggi) from September 25~29, 2016.
Tomorrow’s India’s official event partner The Palm: DMC Korea arranged its partner’s every need i.e. logistics, brandings, temporary staff, technical equipment, event crew, gala dinner preparation, young artist as well as communicated with various event venues including hotels for the whole operations. The 5-day event (business delegation and student group) went smoothly and ended with a big smile.




제 71주년 광복절 기념 초청 음악회

event photo

In order to celebrate the 71th anniversary of Korea’s Independence, the National Museum of Korean History hosted a special music concert on the Korea’s Independence day on August 15, 2016. The world-class young music artists: violinist Jihye Lee and pianist Taehyeong Kim performed Violin Sonata in A Major (C. Franck), Habanera Op.21. No.2 (P. Sarasate), Hungarian Dances No. 2,3,5 (J. Brahms).

The Palm assisted with organizing the event: full set-up and decoration, professional emcee, special assisting agent (artist) for taking care of music artists, leaflet graphic design & printing, sound system crew etc.

British Lifestyle Showcase

UKBrisith Lifestyle Showcase and Market visit to South Korea was hosted by UK Trade & Investment, the event took place at British Ambassador’s residence in the heart of Seoul. Along with exclusively chosen 25 UK boutique brand exhibition, there were media briefing, cocktail reception & B2B meetings.

The Palm assisted with Anne Ritchie (mission project manager) organizing and advising the whole event including VIP invitation, brochere printing, registration, bilingual staff, floral decoration, special outdoor exhibition setup etc.


2016 Rotary International Convention (May 26 ~ June 1, 2016 KINTEX)

2016 Rotary International Convention opens with 50,000 registrants from 160 nations
Rotary International is a worldwide organization of business and professional persons who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

GCP International is an official partner of Rotary International assisting with its 107th annual International convention in Korea, which was held at KINTEX from May 26 ~ June 1, 2016.
Rotary staff The Palm

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General addressed nearly 50,000 Rotary members from more than 160 countries at the open of the humanitarian service organization’s 107th annual international convention at KINTEX.
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General said, “Rotarians do remarkable work around the world. Our two organizations have a long productive history. Rotarians even helped with the founding of the United Nations.” He also thanked Rotary members for their contributions to eradicating polio – Rotary’s top humanitarian goal, and said, “The United Nations is proud to be a partner in ending this debilitating disease.”
Organized by Rotary International in conjunction with the Seoul Host Organization Committee comprised of local Rotary members, and with significant support from the Central Government as well as local governments, the convention provided registrants with ample opportunities to savor Korea’s myriad attractions, including an expansive number of parks, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, and the now-famous Gangnam district. Most popular tourist attractions to be visited by the Rotary convention participants include DMZ, World Heritage Palace, and Gangnam Fashion Street. (source: www.rotary.org)
rotary GCPI

About GCPI: GCP International (also known as “The Palm”) is a comprehensive events and communications company serving the needs of private businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations in the areas of event exhibit management, strategic communication, and temporary staffing services. The Palm’s temporary staffing services based in Seoul, Korea help clients reach set objectives by helping to provide with suitable staff members for their needs. The Palm strengths lie in its ability to work with international clients in particular, due to its English language capabilities.
rotaty korea GCPI

제5회 유권자의 날 기념식 행사

중앙선거관리위원회 주최로 5월 10일 과천시민회관 대극장에서 제5회 유권자의 날 기념식이 개최되었습니다.

‘아름다운 선거, 행복한 대한민국’이라는 주제로 진행된 이날 행사에는 이인복 위원장을 비롯해 위원회 위원과 직원, 선거 유공자, 일반 유권자 등 총 700여 명이 참석햇습니다.

기념식은 식전영상상영, 국민의례, 위원장 기념사, 선거 유공자에 대한 훈·포장 등 수여, 과천시립여성합창단의 유권자의 노래 등 제창, 가수 치어콕·한동근과 테너 조용갑의 축하공연 순서로 진행되었습니다.

The 5th Voters Day celebration was held on May 10, 2016 at Grand Theater of Gwacheon Citizen Hall hosted by National Election Management Comission.
The event was under the theme of ‘beautiful election & happy Korea’, and about 700 people participated.
Summary of program is as follows: Pre-event video playing – national courtesy – commemoration – medal award – Gwacheon women choir – girl group ‘cheer-kok’ – singer ‘Han, Dong-geun’ – Tenor ‘Cho, Yonggab’

annual event ceremony

Yanssen’s annual APEX 2016

yanssen lotte crystalAPEX 2016, Janssen’s annual internal meeting and product update for all leaders & senior management team of marketing and strategy team, was held at Lotte Hotel (Myeongdong area) Seoul Korea from April 24 ~ 28, 2016. The Palm: DMC Korea assisted its partner “ICEM” based in Malaysia with exhibit arrangements, bilingual staffing, printings, professional photographer for gala dinner etc.

Special exhibition “History of Korea’s election” opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of special exhibition “History of Korea’s election” was successfully held on 14 March 2016 at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, co-hosted by the National Election Commission and the Museum. Sand animation art was performed while music band (chorus) were singing 3 songs (election song (1960), my world (campaign song 2007) and voters song (2012) consecutively.
대한민국역사박물관과 중앙선거관리위원회가 공동으로 주최하는 대한민국 선거의 역사 특별전 개막식이 대한민국역사박물관에서 3월 14일 개최되었습니다. 음악밴드가 선거의 노래 (1960), 내가 선택한 세상 (캠페인송 2007), 유권자의 노래 (2012)를 메들리로 부르며 동시에 샌드에니메이션 축하공연도 펼쳐졌습니다.
website_photo_to upload

Photo exhibition opening ceremony (National Museum of Korean Contemporary History)

Heungnam, the Winter of 1950 special photo exhibition will be held from 15 Dec 2015 ~ 28 Feb 2016 at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History and its opening ceremony took place on 14 December 2015. Opening welcoming remarks, tape cutting, group photo, vocal band performance, VIP exhibit tour, snack time were prepared.


Temporary bilingual staff (hostess) services

The Palm is often asked to provide with temporary staff (hostess), which is categorized (1) university students (English level – basic to fluent) (2) 2-3year experienced (English level – basic to fluent) (3) professional hostess (at least 5 years of experience, English level – basic to fluent) (4) business consulting partner (fluent English, can be contracted on a project basis).
our recent staff services provided for: World Road Congress (Ministry of Transport of Mexico, COEX Nov 2~6, 2015), 19th Korea-EU Eco-Innovation Forum (European Union Commission, COEX Oct 27~28, 2015)
The Palm is happy to provide with the most suitable temporary staff for client’s every need.