Kyunghyang Forum 2022 해외연사

The Age of Great Transformation: Roads to a sustainable future

This year’s Kyunghyang Forum was highlighted by the Right Honorable Tony Blair (토니블레어), former Minister of the UK, he was joined by Song Min-soon, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Korea after his opening address.

Then the forum featured three keynote addresses:
Jason Schenker (제이슨 생커), Chairman of The Future Institute
Jared DIamond (제러드 다이아몬드), Professor of UCLA, Author of bestselling books, Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997) as well as Collapse (2005)
Fareed Zakaria (파리드 자카리아), world-renown political commentator and host of Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN Worldwide

The afternoon session featured:
Daniel Susskind (데이비드 서스킨드), a Fellow in Economics and Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Ethics in AI at Oxford University, author of A World Without Work
Nick Srnicek (닉 서르닉), a lecturer in Digital Economy at King’s College London, author of Platform Capitalism
Daniel Waldenström (닉 발덴스트롬), Professor at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Guy Standing (가이 스탠딩), Professorial Research Associate at SOAS University of London, founder member and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network

The forum was a place to share thoughts and insights on how to deal with scars left behind the pandemic amidst such great changes taking place and seek to find the best way forward by viewing these changes from a multitude of angles.

More details of the forum can be found at Kyunghyang Forum