2021 Content Insight (Oct 26-28)

Content Insight 2021 will be held virtually via youtube on Oct 26-28, 2021. This event is hosted by Korea Creative Content Agency and Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism. This event is annually held to provide insight and learning opportunities for over 1500+ Korean professionals working in the content creation sectors. Main themes this year are Expansion of the World, Content created with unique ideas and Expansion of Content Business.

We are proud to have our speakers for the event share their experts, insights and experiences with the audiences.

Speakers and moderators for the event are:
– Matthew Ball, CEO of Epyllion Industries
– RYU Jeong Hye, Vice President of Kakao Entertainment
– LEE Jichul, CEO of Giantstep
– Pierre Coffin, Director of Minions
– JANG Hang-jun, Movie Director
– YANG Hee-seung, Drama Writer
– KIM Kyu-sam, Naver Webtoon Writer
– KIM Hwan Cheol, CEO of MUNPiA
– KIM Beom-hyu, NAVER Webtoon Global Leader
– LEE Pilsung, CEO of Sandbox Network
– Professor Kenneth Kim, Hanyang University

To register the event, please click the below link.