events (2010~2012)

*The below are highlights of past events executed, delivered by our associates.

-1st International Academic Symposium of the Constitutional Research Institute
-Inaugural Worldwide Symposium on Milk and Human Health
-Green Korea Conference
-Int’l Symposium of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
-Asia Future Forum (from its inaugural event in 2010)
-World River Forum 2012
-78th PEN International Congress
-Int’l Federation of Consulting Engineers Conference (FIDIC Seoul Conference)
-Asian Investors Awards (Finance Asia)
-British Lifestyle Showcase
-Meeting the Challenge of Social Service Delivery
-World Small Animal Veterinary Association World Congress (WSAVA 2011)
-20th Asian Conference on Intellectual Disabilities (ACID)
-Asia-Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies Forum
-30th UN FAO Regional Conference for Asia & the Pacific

Asian Investment Forum at Grand Hyatt Hotel dinner at a garden of Gyeonju Hyundai Hotel during UN FAO congress 20120920_104920 20120916_110205 1330415505.23 1347532533757 IMG_1878IMG_5152 IMG_1556 IMG_1885 IMG_1863IMG_1353 IMG_2044 IMG_0843 IMG_4722IMG_1754 IMG_2687 20120910_210138IMG_5508 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_3337 IMG_1936 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4717IMG_5575 IMG_5557 IMG_3026 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_MG_5454 IMG_1892 趙地富氏2 IMG_2966