We are proud to present the testimonials we have received from satisfied clients, who are delighted to have worked with The Palm’s professional meeting experts.

%eb%b8%94%eb%a3%a8%ed%8f%ac%ec%9d%b8%ed%8a%b81블루포인트 데모데이 (Bluepoint Demo Day event) 기획과 실행에 있어서 처음부터 마무리까지 함께 담당해주셔서 감사드리다는 말씀을 전해드립니다. 행사 장소부터 시작에 현장이 잘 정리되었다는 피드백을 너무 많이 들어서 저희도 마무리가 되서야 안도감을 느낄 수 있었습니다. 저희도 처음으로 기획해보는 행사여서 걱정했었는데 실장님들께서 잘 이끌어주신 덕분에 첫번째 데모데이를 잘 마칠 수 있었습니다. 블루포인트 파트너스 성유진 선임 (Veronica Sung, Bluepoint Partners)

devi0“…..the pleasure of working with GCP International – The Palm was easily accessible and attentive to my needs. Our counter partner Yvette along with her team responded back in a timely manner to my emails, phone calls or texts. I found them to be very organized, professional and thoughtful of all aspects leading up to the event and on the event days. Their final proposed event plan stood out from the other tenders due to the level of detail involved – including multiple options and itemised line by line budget. Thank The Palm so much for their hard work (team work), flexibility and diligence in pulling together a very successful event (Tomorrow’s India Global Summit).” Devika Kundu, Event Manager of Tomorrow’s India

“With over 44,000 attendees for our event (107th Rotary International Seoul Convention 2016), The Palm exceeded our expectations in regards to the staff’s performance and how quickly they learned onsite. The Palm staff were quick to comprehend our DobbsKokocustomized database with its complex exceptions and rules, in order to assist our attendees without much help, or our interference onsite. The Palm staff did a stellar job of keeping daily check-in and checkout sheets for almost 140 temp staff, making our reconciliation process a breeze. I can confidently say that The Palm and their staff are one of the top-performing DMC in Korea that we have worked with. Bravo!!” Koko Dobbs, Manager, Registration and Housing Services of Rotary International

John Saul“…I very much enjoyed working with Ms. Lee, event director of The Palm in Korea when she had a key role in the organization of the 78th PEN Congress in Gyeongju.  She did a wonderful job and we all enjoyed working with her, as well as admiring the way in which she accomplished her tasks…” John Ralston Saul, PEN International President

“The Palm was a great pleasure to work with. For our event Small Cell Asia Conference and Forum meetings, The Palm worked long, hard hours to reply to my requests quickly given the time difference with London. Persistent and understanding with last minute changes, I was very happy with their work before, during and after the show. Their attitude on site was fantastic, Maria Stavroumaintaining professionalism and very good quality production. My main contact before the event was at the venue the entire time, up until the last minute of the show each day. The AV quality was exactly as I expected and I was very happy with their work overall. I would definitely recommend working with The Palm”. Maria Stavrou, Senior Operations Executive, Avren Events – part of Clarion Events

“..…From the very start The Palm’s communication was first class, all emails replied to by return, Ms. Lee, project director, coped with all the fine detail of the showcase requirements and were very flexible when things needed to be changes. It was also very good to have her idea and input in the marketing collateral which gave the whole event such a professional edge. All the companies were very pleased with the interpreters recruited by her – Anne Ritchietheir English was excellent and they all said how helpful and how quickly they understood the company products and were able to communicate well with the Korean visitors….(British Lifestyle and Showcase)” Anne Ritchie, Mission Project Manager, UK Trade & Investment Korea

“…They are professional operator, having provided Robert Whiteexceptional support on a number of occasions over the past few years!  I look forward to working with The Palm again in the very near future…” Robert White, President – Eaton Vance Management International (Asia) Pte, Ltd

dermot vibert“…Staff of The Palm is real professional. Our organization worked with them on a number of events. We always received excellent service and very good value for money…” 
Dermot Vibert, Program Director, South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan