Euromoney conference

euromoney conference

The Korean Financial Innovation and Capital Markets Forum was held at Conrad Hotel Seoul on 30 September 2014, it came to a successful close, bringing together over 200 global and Korean issuers, economists, institutional investors, and bankers, to discuss the latest innovation of the Korea capital markets – development of an offshore RMB hub.

Chairman Shin Je-yoon of the Financial Services Commission and Dr Han Seung-soo of Standard Chartered, open the summit.

The panelists shared their views on Korea’s offshore RMB market, highlighting the country’s intrinsic advantages and favourable environment as it flourishes as the next major RMB clearing centre in North Asia. Issuers shared their outlook on the growth of RMB as a major funding currency, and the types of international issuers who may access RMB funding. Key financial institutions spoke about the significant investment interest and trends in the growth of RMB denominated assets and products.  The sponsoring bank also hosted a workshop to discuss the onshore China bond market and the evolution of RQFII.

The Palm assisted organizing the whole event of Euromoney Conference, Euromoney’s first event in Seoul Korea.