Kyunghyang Forum 2021 (June 23) 해외연사

TAB got tasked to coordinate overseas speakers for the upcoming The Kyunghyang Forum 2021 and here are our confirmed speakers:
Despite of COVID-19 challenges, the half of them are willing to come to Korea to attend the forum and we are so thrilled to greet them soon.

This year’s theme is Living with the Climate Crisis: Paths to Survival.

Al Gore (알고어), Former Vice President of the United States of America; environmental activist
Jeremy Rifkin (제레미 리프킨), Economic and social theorist; author of The Era of Work (1995) & The Green New Deal (2019)
David Wallace-Wells (데이빗 월러스 웰즈), National Fellow of New America; author of The Uninhabitable Earth (2019)
Hope Jahren (호프 자렌), Professor of Geobiology at the University of Oslo; author of The Story of More (2020)
Michael E. Mann (마이클 만), Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Pennsylvania State University; author of The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars (2013)
Angel Hse (에인젤 휴), Assistant Professor of Public Policy and the Environment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

스피커스 뷰로 T.A.B. (The Advantage Bureau) 는 경향포럼 해외연사 섭외, 해외커뮤니케이션을 해오고 있으며, 2021년 경향포럼 해외연사는 아래와 같다.