2016 Rotary International Convention (May 26 ~ June 1, 2016 KINTEX)

2016 Rotary International Convention opens with 50,000 registrants from 160 nations
Rotary International is a worldwide organization of business and professional persons who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

GCP International is an official partner of Rotary International assisting with its 107th annual International convention in Korea, which was held at KINTEX from May 26 ~ June 1, 2016.
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Ban Ki-moon, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General addressed nearly 50,000 Rotary members from more than 160 countries at the open of the humanitarian service organization’s 107th annual international convention at KINTEX.
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General said, “Rotarians do remarkable work around the world. Our two organizations have a long productive history. Rotarians even helped with the founding of the United Nations.” He also thanked Rotary members for their contributions to eradicating polio – Rotary’s top humanitarian goal, and said, “The United Nations is proud to be a partner in ending this debilitating disease.”
Organized by Rotary International in conjunction with the Seoul Host Organization Committee comprised of local Rotary members, and with significant support from the Central Government as well as local governments, the convention provided registrants with ample opportunities to savor Korea’s myriad attractions, including an expansive number of parks, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, and the now-famous Gangnam district. Most popular tourist attractions to be visited by the Rotary convention participants include DMZ, World Heritage Palace, and Gangnam Fashion Street. (source: www.rotary.org)
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About GCPI: GCP International (also known as “The Palm”) is a comprehensive events and communications company serving the needs of private businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations in the areas of event exhibit management, strategic communication, and temporary staffing services. The Palm’s temporary staffing services based in Seoul, Korea help clients reach set objectives by helping to provide with suitable staff members for their needs. The Palm strengths lie in its ability to work with international clients in particular, due to its English language capabilities.
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제5회 유권자의 날 기념식 행사

중앙선거관리위원회 주최로 5월 10일 과천시민회관 대극장에서 제5회 유권자의 날 기념식이 개최되었습니다.

‘아름다운 선거, 행복한 대한민국’이라는 주제로 진행된 이날 행사에는 이인복 위원장을 비롯해 위원회 위원과 직원, 선거 유공자, 일반 유권자 등 총 700여 명이 참석햇습니다.

기념식은 식전영상상영, 국민의례, 위원장 기념사, 선거 유공자에 대한 훈·포장 등 수여, 과천시립여성합창단의 유권자의 노래 등 제창, 가수 치어콕·한동근과 테너 조용갑의 축하공연 순서로 진행되었습니다.

The 5th Voters Day celebration was held on May 10, 2016 at Grand Theater of Gwacheon Citizen Hall hosted by National Election Management Comission.
The event was under the theme of ‘beautiful election & happy Korea’, and about 700 people participated.
Summary of program is as follows: Pre-event video playing – national courtesy – commemoration – medal award – Gwacheon women choir – girl group ‘cheer-kok’ – singer ‘Han, Dong-geun’ – Tenor ‘Cho, Yonggab’

annual event ceremony

Photo exhibition opening ceremony (National Museum of Korean Contemporary History)

Heungnam, the Winter of 1950 special photo exhibition will be held from 15 Dec 2015 ~ 28 Feb 2016 at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History and its opening ceremony took place on 14 December 2015. Opening welcoming remarks, tape cutting, group photo, vocal band performance, VIP exhibit tour, snack time were prepared.


Seoul Bike Symposium 2015

Bike First, United Priority

Seoul Bike Symposium 2015 was successfuly held on October 15, 2015 at Seoul Metropolitan Government office building, hosted by Seoul City and BIke Transport Promotion Institute. The Palm organized the event assisting with Bike Transport Promotion Institute. This symposium is one of events of a 3-day Seoul Bike Festival, where speakers from 10 countries could share their experiences and good practices for Seoul to be cycling leading city.

symposium at Seoul City HallBike symposium event Korea



Standard Chartered The Workshop 2015

Standard Chartered event was held at Conrad Seoul Korea from July 27~31, 2015.
Over 220 SC employees from all over the world came in Seoul Korea to join the event.

The Palm: DMC Korea, event, convention, exhibition services arranged mainly production parts (photo frames, A3 photo in form-max board), book hanger (“book it forward”), RF registration (standing scanners), furniture etc. in cooperation with its Singaporean event partnerSCB1

green, eco-friendly materials used
Korean traditional street foods themed dinner at Conrad Seoul
exhibition event layout

Korea Law day celebration 2015

The 52nd Korea Law day celebration 2015 was successfully conducted on 24 April 2015 at Grand Hall, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Seoul.

Our professional crew was praised “It was a flawless & 100% satisfied event” by the clients. The keys of event’s success were professional event experiences, rehearsals like real one, great teamwork and communications.

Event management services: backdrop, LED TV, performances (sand art, multi-national children choir), video filming, live camera broadcast, sound system, graphic design, professional event team.