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British Lifestyle Showcase

UKBrisith Lifestyle Showcase and Market visit to South Korea was hosted by UK Trade & Investment, the event took place at British Ambassador’s residence in the heart of Seoul. Along with exclusively chosen 25 UK boutique brand exhibition, there were media briefing, cocktail reception & B2B meetings.

The Palm assisted with Anne Ritchie (mission project manager) organizing and advising the whole event including VIP invitation, brochere printing, registration, bilingual staff, floral decoration, special outdoor exhibition setup etc.


Forest Run Yeongju event (August 20~21, 2016)

Summer getaway in Korea~

The 1st 2016 Korea Forest Run Yeongju event will be held in August 2016.

  • Name of the event: Korea Forest Run Yeongju
  • Theme: Healing in nature with loved ones
  • Date:  August 20 ~ 21, 2016 (1-day or 2-day participate)
  • Venue: Forest leisure and sports path near Korea Forest Healing Center in YeongJu
  • Type of sports: Marathon (running)
  • Two options: 42 km (6hr), 10 km (3hr)
  • Participant: > 13 years old
  • Pre-registration: June 15 ~ July 20 via email admin@eventsinkorea.org
  • Admission fee: 1. One night two days: 150,000 KRW (family member addition 60,000KRW per person) 2. One day: 100,000 KRW (family member addition 30,000KRW per person)
  • Souvenir: Medal, T-shirts, certificate, gift (100,000 KRW value)
  • Other complimentary services: water healing center trial program (90,000 KRW value)
  • Website: www.koreaforestrun.com

If you have any question, please feel free to contact our associate at admin@eventsinkorea.org or call 02-790-7256.

forest run

EU Climate Change Outreach Project in Korea

european-commissionGCP International’s associates are assigned as Communication Consultants l Project Experts for European Commission’s Climate Change Outreach project in Korea (Communication) l A project funded by the European Union 2016-2017 l Danish Management a/s

Tomorrow’s India Global Summit_Seoul Edition (September 2016)

korea event partner the palm

Tomorrow’s India: Tomorrow’s India Global Summit is a unique path-breaking initiative to preface India’s business strength and academic excellence with the Global Realm in a mutually rewarding decorum that promotes International Trade-Investment opportunities, Worldwide Expansions and Coalitions.  As pioneers of Globalization, the aim is to garner inter-country relationships through collaborations in the field of Business, Knowledge and Culture amongst nations globally.

Tomorrow’s India represents an elite global platform for industry leaders and innovators across the world, to unveil their pristine ventures, ideas and expertise with a high profile International audience. The vision is to build a premier gateway that will pave the path for globalization, collaboration and economic synergy by partnering with countries from around the world.

The Tomorrow’s India, Seoul edition in September will be attended by a delegation size of 100 business delegates from India plus 40 students with various programs of 2-day conference, gala dinner, Seoul tour, industrial visits, University visits. Tomorrow’s India’s official Korean event partner is The Palm (part of GCP International).
For more information, please visit www.tomorrowsindia.com

2016 Rotary International Convention (May 26 ~ June 1, 2016 KINTEX)

2016 Rotary International Convention opens with 50,000 registrants from 160 nations
Rotary International is a worldwide organization of business and professional persons who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

GCP International is an official partner of Rotary International assisting with its 107th annual International convention in Korea, which was held at KINTEX from May 26 ~ June 1, 2016.
Rotary staff The Palm

Ban Ki-moon, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General addressed nearly 50,000 Rotary members from more than 160 countries at the open of the humanitarian service organization’s 107th annual international convention at KINTEX.
Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General said, “Rotarians do remarkable work around the world. Our two organizations have a long productive history. Rotarians even helped with the founding of the United Nations.” He also thanked Rotary members for their contributions to eradicating polio – Rotary’s top humanitarian goal, and said, “The United Nations is proud to be a partner in ending this debilitating disease.”
Organized by Rotary International in conjunction with the Seoul Host Organization Committee comprised of local Rotary members, and with significant support from the Central Government as well as local governments, the convention provided registrants with ample opportunities to savor Korea’s myriad attractions, including an expansive number of parks, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, and the now-famous Gangnam district. Most popular tourist attractions to be visited by the Rotary convention participants include DMZ, World Heritage Palace, and Gangnam Fashion Street. (source: www.rotary.org)
rotary GCPI

About GCPI: GCP International (also known as “The Palm”) is a comprehensive events and communications company serving the needs of private businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations in the areas of event exhibit management, strategic communication, and temporary staffing services. The Palm’s temporary staffing services based in Seoul, Korea help clients reach set objectives by helping to provide with suitable staff members for their needs. The Palm strengths lie in its ability to work with international clients in particular, due to its English language capabilities.
rotaty korea GCPI

제5회 유권자의 날 기념식 행사

중앙선거관리위원회 주최로 5월 10일 과천시민회관 대극장에서 제5회 유권자의 날 기념식이 개최되었습니다.

‘아름다운 선거, 행복한 대한민국’이라는 주제로 진행된 이날 행사에는 이인복 위원장을 비롯해 위원회 위원과 직원, 선거 유공자, 일반 유권자 등 총 700여 명이 참석햇습니다.

기념식은 식전영상상영, 국민의례, 위원장 기념사, 선거 유공자에 대한 훈·포장 등 수여, 과천시립여성합창단의 유권자의 노래 등 제창, 가수 치어콕·한동근과 테너 조용갑의 축하공연 순서로 진행되었습니다.

The 5th Voters Day celebration was held on May 10, 2016 at Grand Theater of Gwacheon Citizen Hall hosted by National Election Management Comission.
The event was under the theme of ‘beautiful election & happy Korea’, and about 700 people participated.
Summary of program is as follows: Pre-event video playing – national courtesy – commemoration – medal award – Gwacheon women choir – girl group ‘cheer-kok’ – singer ‘Han, Dong-geun’ – Tenor ‘Cho, Yonggab’

annual event ceremony

제5회 유권자의 날 기념식 초청

중앙선거관리위원회에서 주최하는 “제5회 유권자의 날”이 2016년 5월 10일 오전 10시~11시 과천시민회관 대극장에서 개최됩니다. 유권자의 날을 기념하는 합창 공연으로 과천시립여성합창단에서 ‘선거의 노래’, ‘내가 선택한 세상’, 그리고 ‘유권자의 노래’ 총 3곡을 메들리로 부를예정이며, 축하 특별공연으로 2015년부터 중앙선거관리위원회 서포터즈로 활동하는 치어리더 출신 4인조 걸그룹 “치어콕”의 ‘넘나좋은것’, 오디오 프로그램 ‘위대한 탄생’ 시즌 3의 우승자인 한동근씨, 유럽오페라무대에서 활약하고있는 한국의 대표적인 오페라 가수 성악가 조용갑씨의 축하공연이 펼쳐집니다.

inv card

Yanssen’s annual APEX 2016

yanssen lotte crystalAPEX 2016, Janssen’s annual internal meeting and product update for all leaders & senior management team of marketing and strategy team, was held at Lotte Hotel (Myeongdong area) Seoul Korea from April 24 ~ 28, 2016. The Palm: DMC Korea assisted its partner “ICEM” based in Malaysia with exhibit arrangements, bilingual staffing, printings, professional photographer for gala dinner etc.

recruting temporary staff (Rotary International Convention 5/26~6/1 KINTEX Korea)

Welcome-to-RotaryThe Palm: DMC Korea, temporary staffing services in Korea is recruiting temporary staff (Bilingual (Korean-English) experienced) for upcoming international event “2016 Rotary International Convention” which will be held from 28 May to June 1 at KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do Ilsan Korea.

Rotary International expects to serve over 50,000 registrants from over 160 nations.
Selected staff will work with The Palm and Rotary HQ while assisting with registration, secretariat works etc, from 26 May to June 1. (registration experienced person preferred, work schedule varies depending on position assigned from 4~7days, training materials to be distributed.)

– application submission: April 7~14 (1st period), April 15~29 (2nd period)
– result announcement: for successful candidates (submitted application form basis)
– interview: eary May (details to be announced)
– final result: May 7

If you are interested or there’s any question, feel free to contact us at 02 790 7256 or email rotarystaff2016@gmail.com please leave your name, contact number, email, then we will send you an application form via email. Thank you.

국제로타리 세계대회 (5/26 ~ 6/1 KINTEX 킨텍스) 진행요원 모집

Welcome-to-Rotary2016 국제로타리 세계대회가 2016년 5월 28일 (토) ~ 6월 1일 (수) 킨텍스 전시장에서 개최됩니다. 로타리 국제대회는 ‘초아의 봉사’라는 로타리의 가치 아래 지구촌 곳곳에서 수행해온 봉사활동의 성과를 격려하고, 친교와 우정을 나누며, 세계적 인사들의 강연과 공연 등을 통해 로타리 정신과 지식을 공유하는 가슴 뛰는 교류와 친선의 한마당입니다. 전세계 로타리인이 모이는 킨택스 최대규모의 국제로타리 세계대회에 행사전문요원으로 좋은 추억을 만들어보세요.
GCP International에서는 로타리 미국본부를 도와 등록업무 및 사무국 업무를 보조할 성실하고 책임감있는 진행요원을 아래와 같이 모집합니다.
○ 행사명: 2016 국제로타리 세계대회
○ 근무날짜: 2016년 5월 26일 (목) ~ 6월 1일 (수) (4일~7일 업무에 따라 차이가있음)
○ 행사장소: 일산 킨텍스 (KINTEX)
○ 모집분야: 행사진행요원 (등록 외: 국제회의 등록업무 유경험자는 이력서에 표기)
○ 자격: 1. 영어와 한국어로 의사소통이 가능하며 밝고 적극적인 사람
  2. 일본어와 영어(혹은 한국어)로 의사소통이 가능하며 밝고 적극적인 사람 (소수모집)
  3. 책임감이 강한 사람, 등록업무 유경험자
  4. 국적, 연령제한없음 (젊고 즐겁게 함께 하실분)
○ 채용일정: 4월 7~14일: 1차 모집기간 (서류접수)
  4월 15~29일: 2차 모집기간 (서류접수)
  4월 14~29일: 서류전형 합격자 통보
  5월 초: 합격자에 한해 인터뷰 (현장)
  5월 7일경: 최종합격통보 및 교육자료공유
○ 문의 및 접수: 02-790-7256 rotarystaff2016@gmail.com
○ 관심있는분은 이메일이나 전화를 주시면 application form을 보내드리겠습니다.

Mozart Requiem and Piano Concerto (May 7, 2016)

Mozart Requiem and Piano Concerto No. 20 with Ryan Goessl conducting the Camarata Chorale and pianist Andreas Ehret will take place on 7 May 2016 at Chungdong First Methodist Church in Seoul Korea.

The Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was composed in Vienna in 1791 and left unfinished at the composer’s death on December 5. A completion dated 1792 by Franz Xaver Süssmayr was delivered to Count Franz von Walsegg, who had anonymously commissioned the piece for a Requiem Mass to commemorate the February 14 anniversary of his wife’s death.

The autograph manuscript (acquired by the Austrian National Library in 1831–38) shows the finished and orchestrated Introit in Mozart’s hand, as well as detailed drafts of the Kyrie and the sequence Dies Irae as far as the first eight bars of the “Lacrymosa” movement, and the Offertory. It cannot be shown to what extent Süssmayr may have depended on now lost “scraps of paper” for the remainder; he later claimed the Sanctus and Agnus Dei as his own. Walsegg probably intended to pass the Requiem off as his own composition, as he is known to have done with other works. This plan was frustrated by a public benefit performance for Mozart’s widow Constanze. Constanze was responsible for a number of stories surrounding the composition of the work, including the claims that Mozart received the commission from a mysterious messenger who did not reveal the commissioner’s identity, and that Mozart came to believe that he was writing the requiem for his own funeral.

At the time of Mozart’s death on 5 December 1791, only the opening movement (Requiem aeternam) was completed in all of the orchestral and vocal parts. The following Kyrie and most of the sequence (from Dies Irae to Confutatis) were complete only in the vocal parts and the continuo (the figured organ bass), though occasionally some of the prominent orchestral parts were briefly indicated, such as the first violin part of the Rex tremendae and Confutatis and the musical bridges in the Recordare. The sixth movement of the sequence, the Lacrymosa, breaks off after only eight bars and was unfinished. The following two movements of the Offertorium were again partially done; the Domine Jesu Christe in the vocal parts and continuo (up until the fugue, which contains some indications of the violin part) and the Hostias in the vocal parts only.

mozart_requiem piano concert

Special exhibition “History of Korea’s election” opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of special exhibition “History of Korea’s election” was successfully held on 14 March 2016 at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, co-hosted by the National Election Commission and the Museum. Sand animation art was performed while music band (chorus) were singing 3 songs (election song (1960), my world (campaign song 2007) and voters song (2012) consecutively.
대한민국역사박물관과 중앙선거관리위원회가 공동으로 주최하는 대한민국 선거의 역사 특별전 개막식이 대한민국역사박물관에서 3월 14일 개최되었습니다. 음악밴드가 선거의 노래 (1960), 내가 선택한 세상 (캠페인송 2007), 유권자의 노래 (2012)를 메들리로 부르며 동시에 샌드에니메이션 축하공연도 펼쳐졌습니다.
website_photo_to upload

“대한민국 선거의 역사” 특별전 개막식 (2016년 3월 14일)

중앙선거관리위원회와 대한민국역사박물관이 준비하는 “대한민국 선거의 역사” 특별 기획전이 대한민국역사박물관 3층에서 2016년 3월 15일 부터 6월 26일까지 전시되며, 특별개막식은 3월 14일 2시에 열립니다. Special exhibition “History of Korea’s election” will be held from March 15, 2016 through June 26, 2016 at 3rd fl. exhibition hall of National Museum of Contemporary History in Gwangwhamoon. Its opening ceremony will take place on March 14, 2016 at 2pm at the same venue. This exhibition is co-hosted by the National Election Commission and the National Museum of Contemporary History.

exhibition poster

부동산정책포럼 ‘미래’ 정책 심포지엄 (2016년 2월 24일 (국회 도서관 강당))

부동산정책포럼 ‘미래’ 가 주최하는 정책심포지엄이 “청년주택문제 어떻게 할것인가” 를 주제로 2016년 2월 24일 2시부터 국회 도서관 강당 B105호실에서 개최하며, 관심있는사람은 누구나 참석이 가능합니다. 김무성 새누리당 대표가 축사에 나서는 이번 행사에서는 청년주택 문제와 관련해 국토교통부와 학계, 정당이 함께 모여 해결방안을 모색합니다. (참가비 무료)cover


인도 월드 티커피 엑스포 2016 (10/20~22 인도 뭄바이 전시센터)

제4차 인도 월드 티커피 엑스포 2016에 전시참가할 회사를 모집합니다.
10억이상의 인구를 가진 거대한 인도에서, 티 뿐아니라 고급 수입 커피에의 관심이 증대되면서 최근 수년간 커피시장이 눈부신 성장을 하고있습니다.
result인도의 유일한 이 인도커피엑스포는  2013년 시작이래 전시참여회사의 뜨거운 호응을 받으며 성장해가고 있으며, 올해 4차 엑스포도 다양한 미디어 파트너 및 협력사와 함께 해외 전시참가회사의 인도 비지니스에 성공적인 플랫폼이 될것으로 확신합니다. 인도에서 유일한 WCTE 핫음료 엑스포에서 인도음료시장의 성장 잠재력을 직접 보시고, 업계 비지니스 관계자를 만나시고 남보다 앞서 인도시장을 개척 하십시오.
mediapartner인도 상무부, 커피 티 위원회, 협회, 세계각국 상공회의 후원을 받고 있는 월드 티커피 엑스포는 참가자에게 네트워크의 기회, 최신기술, 마케팅 연합, 특약판매, 프랜차이징, 대량구매, 합작회사 등 다양한 비지니스 기회를 모색할 인도 핫음료시장 유일무이한 비지니스 만남의 장이 될 것입니다.
그밖에도 고위급 컨퍼런스 (2일간, 회사리더, 정책입안자), 기술워크샵/세미나, 데모 (테이스팅 세션, 바리스타 챔피언쉽, 라테아트이벤트, 혁신적인 레서피), B2B 미팅등도 함께 개최되며, 스폰서, 귀사의 광고 홍보도 가능합니다.

   시: 2016년 10월20일~22일 (10/19 부스설치 10/22 부스철수 (오후 5시이후))
   소: 인도 뭄바이 봄베이전시센터
전시자: 티 커피 제조사, 브랜드, 기계 MFRs, 패킹회사, 티 커피딜러, 수출입업자, 자동판매 제조사, 로스터, 블랜더, 음료향 제조사, 기계, 기기 제조사, 원료공급사, 원료제조사, 커피체인소매사, 프랜차이저, 초콜렛 MFRs, 프로세싱 기계 MFRs, 우유제품, 설탕 및 설탕대체품, 비스켓 MFRs, 향료제조사, 티커피 장식품제조사, 서비스 제공사 등
참가자: 티, 커피 판매자, 도소매상, 호텔, 캐이터링업체, 티 가든, 레스토랑, 카페 오너, 항공사, 수입자, 수출자, 구매담당, 무역상, 호텔구매부, 수퍼마켓, 패킹전문가, 영양사, 음식전문가, 쉐프, 요리전문가 등

한국공식에이전시 서비스
– 엑스포 전시 등록 대행
– 항공편 예약 대행 서비스
– 호텔 예약 대행 서비스
– 비지니스 B2B 미팅 주선
– 엑스포 내 광고, 홍보, 스폰서 문의시 자문 및 대행

인도 커피엑스포 참여에 관심이 있으시거나 자세한 자료 및 등록폼을 필요로 하시면 한국 공식에이전시로 (전화: 02-790-7256) 연락주세요. 자세한 내용은 http://www.worldteacoffeeexpo.com 를 참고하세요.

(전시부스: 평방미터당 200$ (조립부스), 180$ (독립부스)) 2월 26일까지 사전등록을 하시면 부스비의 10% 할인이 적용됩니다.

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Nexon Developers Conference (NDC) April 26~28, 2016 Pangyo Korea

nexonThe Palm Speaker Bureau has been tasked for speakers coordination for the Nexon Developers Conference, from April 26~28, 2016 in Pangyo Korea.

Nexon is a global game developer and publisher, initially founded in Korea but now a global company with branches worldwide. The Nexon Developers Conference is an annual forum for all aspects of game-related knowledge sharing that has grown steadily since 2007, currently standing as the largest conference of its kind in the country with over 100 international speakers/participants and an an audience of 8,000.

The main theme of this year’s event is “content diversification.” The theme was chosen in recognition of the game industry’s need to leave behind the monotony and conformist content of the present to explore new potential and creative directions for the future. Hence, we are shaping the conference as a forum for intense discussion on the subject as well as platform for launching and inspiring new directions with help from the most creative minds in the industry.

Any questions or concerns, please contact coordinator@eventsinkorea.org.

Cityscape Korea 2016 (June 10~12, 2016 KINTEX)

East Asia’s premier International real estate event “Cityscape Korea 2016” will be held from June 10~12, 2016 in Gyeonggi-do Korea. And FIABCI-Korea supports Cityscape Korea in partnership with The Korea Economics Daily Media Group and FIABCI members are cordially invited to participate. This event kicked off last year with success of gathering 15000 people from various businesses featuring a large scale exhibition, the pioneering EAST Asia Real Estate Summit and interactive networking events.
It will bring together key decision makers from local and regional public and private sectors while supporting development, bringing transparency and encouraging collaboration of real estate developers, private and institutional investors, government leaders and urban planners, architects, consultants and other real estate professionals.

Early bird exhibit registrants will get a 10% discount by the end of February 2016 and 2016 FIABCI pavilions for FIABCI members can be specially arranged.
(booth fee: 500,000 KRW (about 420 USD) per 1 square meter)

Please contact FIABCI-Korea secretariat at fiabcikorea@gmail.com if you are interested in and for further discussion on details.


일상의 모습전 painting exhibition (Jan. 18 ~ Jan. 25, 2016)

Exhibition “Daily life’s” will be held from Jan. 18 ~ Jan. 25, 2016 at G Arche Gallery (located in Gangnam Stn.), 10 painters from various background with creative artist Mr. Kyu-heon Kim will exhibit their recent works.
2016년 1월 18~25일 화가 김규헌외 회원 10명이 강남역에 위치한 G 아르체 갤러리에서 “일상의 모습전”을 개최하며, 오프닝은 1월 18일 오후 5시입니다.
exhibit oil paintingexhibit2exhibit 2016 Gangnamexhibit greetings

Seoul Bike Symposium 2015

Bike First, United Priority

Seoul Bike Symposium 2015 was successfuly held on October 15, 2015 at Seoul Metropolitan Government office building, hosted by Seoul City and BIke Transport Promotion Institute. The Palm organized the event assisting with Bike Transport Promotion Institute. This symposium is one of events of a 3-day Seoul Bike Festival, where speakers from 10 countries could share their experiences and good practices for Seoul to be cycling leading city.

symposium at Seoul City HallBike symposium event Korea



Standard Chartered The Workshop 2015

Standard Chartered event was held at Conrad Seoul Korea from July 27~31, 2015.
Over 220 SC employees from all over the world came in Seoul Korea to join the event.

The Palm: DMC Korea, event, convention, exhibition services arranged mainly production parts (photo frames, A3 photo in form-max board), book hanger (“book it forward”), RF registration (standing scanners), furniture etc. in cooperation with its Singaporean event partnerSCB1

green, eco-friendly materials used
Korean traditional street foods themed dinner at Conrad Seoul
exhibition event layout

Korea Law day celebration 2015

The 52nd Korea Law day celebration 2015 was successfully conducted on 24 April 2015 at Grand Hall, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, Seoul.

Our professional crew was praised “It was a flawless & 100% satisfied event” by the clients. The keys of event’s success were professional event experiences, rehearsals like real one, great teamwork and communications.

Event management services: backdrop, LED TV, performances (sand art, multi-national children choir), video filming, live camera broadcast, sound system, graphic design, professional event team.


Fortinet annual partner & media retreat 2015

April 7~11, Westin Chosun Seoul

The Palm assisted Fortinet with its gala dinner event in Seoul: group photo (express development & delivery), live photo (DVD inc.), quiz game show facilitate (voting system (audience response system), professional MC), K-pop dance girl-group, live-band, backwall solution, system professional crew, and the event was a great success.



FLNG Asia Pacific Summit

photo 1In alignment with the rapid growth of the FLNG market, the FLNG Asia Pacific Summit, which was held on 21~23 October 2014 at Sheraton Seoul brought together key stakeholders from around the world to share project updates and the latest commercial and technical innovations in the FLNG space. The Palm: event services based in Seoul assisted FLNG Singapore team with its preparation.

photo 2-1 photo 3